Melissa Wirth Photography

From a very early age, Melissa always seemed to have a camera in her hands. Whether it was a hand-me-down 110 or the very first camera she ever saved for and purchased on her own: a Polaroid sticker film camera.

She would spend her summers 'on location' at her Grandmother's farm in East Texas, where the photographic possibilities seemed endless. Vegetables and flowers blooming in the garden, cats and dogs taking naps, her mule rolling in the dirt after a bath, or an interesting rock in the driveway, anything was fair game for her.

Melissa's love of art and photography expanded and matured while attending college at the Baum School of Art where she graduated, with honors, majoring in Fine Art/Studio Arts in 2003.

Melissa currently resides with her husband John along with their two dogs and two cats in Pennsylvania, where the only thing preventing her from having a barn full of friends are the zoning laws.

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